Joy Yee’s Noodles opened in evanston in 1994 and our second location in Chinatown Square in 1996.


We were the first in the midwest to offer Taiwanese style bubble teas. Going a step further, Joy Yee’s was the first to combine the South Asian fresh fruit freezes(smoothies) with the popular tapioca balls.


Joy Yee’s Noodles combines different dishes and styles from across Asia into one expansive menu and one cheery little dining room. The end product is pleasing, with a variety of tastes, large portions and, most importantly, low prices.


Joy Yee’s offers an extensive list of appetizers including list of broths, noodles, meats and other fillers from which they can concoct soups suited to their tastes.


This diverse Asian cuisine flows into the main courses as well, and the menu of entrees is vast. Diners can choose between dozens of dishes, ranging from the most traditional Asian favorites to innovative new twists on classic recipes.


We pride ourselves on offering new and exciting dishes